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Free Web Proxy List is a free web proxy list that allows anonymous surfing and online privacy. With the web proxy you'll still be able to access applications hosted in cloud computing environments along with the freedom of browsing the web. For instance, if you use RackSpace cloud company you will still be able to surf anonymously with online privacy. All web proxy sites on our list can also be used to bypass both work and school firewall systems which block you from accessing all your favorite sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, hi5 & friendster.



Updated Daily

The web proxy list is updated daily to ensure only working proxies are ever active on the list, if you ever find a proxy that isn't working, don't worry our system will automatically remove it.We add daily fresh proxy sites on our list.

Hide Your Information

Whether your at school, work or even at home a proxy can be used to hide your vital information which can be used by hackers, spammers, crackers and phreakers to send you spam, infest your pc with spy ware or even hack your pc and obtain vital information such as credit card numbers. However by using a proxy your information is hidden and secure making it almost impossible to obtain your real information which can be used maliciously. If complete anonimity is desired when using the web, you might look into different VPN solutions which anonymize and encrypt all communications over the internet. You can also use cgi proxy server,php proxy server or browse our list for different proxy servers.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a computer protecting your identity by creating a protective tunnel through which you can surf safely.

How does anonymous surfing work?

Anonymous Internet navigation works by placing a proxy between the user and the Web site. Your web browser addresses the anonymous proxy server, and the anonymous proxy server discussions on the website. The website does not know who you are, we do not know who the proxy server is anonymous. The anonymous proxy server do not know who you are, so you better choose an anonymous proxy server that you trust. Use our service to hide your IP address and your work bypass / filters school web with ease. For example, MySpace is blocked at work or school? It will not be longer if you use our free service:)

How does  proxy servers protect my identity ?

Whenever you surf the web (without using a proxy server), Your IP address can be recorded by the website's you visit. By using  proxy servers, the visited website's can only record  proxy server's IP address and not yours thereby protecting you from various unwanted stuff like spy ware, trojans etc.                                                                                    

Do I need special software to use web proxies ?

You don't need any special software to start using web proxy service. Just open web proxy site in a browser, enter URL you want to visit in the address field and press the "Go" button.

The best part of web proxies is that you do not need to install separate software on the client computer. For a web proxy is also a Web site, its freely available on the Internet and anyone can make full use of it. Many of these web proxies are scenario based proxy, which are built by professional developers have a good understanding of the technology. There are Internet service providers who use these proxy websites to access any site on the Internet. These proxy servers is an anonymous proxy server that does not need any of your personal information.

Privacy Online

Concerns about privacy have been in force for some time. But the Internet makes it much more real because of the global distribution of data. In most cases, only you decide what your information to be disclosed, but there are pieces of information that you provide to the Internet servers that can be accessible to others without your permission, and even your knowledge. These data IP is the most critical. This site is intended to safeguard against you give your IP address to anyone who may be interested (and note that there could be among them hackers). Findwebproxy is dedicated to all those who have an interest in internet security, online privacy, and who would remain anonymous in the age of surveillance. Anything you get on findwebproxy is absolutely free.On our site, you can find new proxy list updated daily.


Note: We CANNOT be held responsible for any illegal activity done through  proxy servers!